Beta Cinemas is the leading cinema chain in the mid-end market segment, and also the first cinema chain to complete the franchise policy with the strongest growth potential in the market. Beta brings a youthful, modern theater concept, the price is suitable with Hollywood standard equipment, spacious and modern facilities; targeting the market that is being left open, which is the group of students, students and middle-income people.

beta distribution
Since 2017, cooperating with many major film studios in the world, Beta Distribution has successfully brought back more than 20 unique international films for Vietnamese audiences to enjoy in many genres: animation, romance , horror, crime psychology, ...

beta production
Realizing the potential from the domestic film market, in addition to the traditional cinema segment, Beta Media further developed the Beta Productions Film Production Department, with many successful film products and premiered at cinemas around the world. nationwide with wide coverage of television channels. Beta is constantly exploring new business models and ideas related to content distribution and movies to grow the company in both depth and breadth.

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