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The Proptech APLUS platform has successfully called for an investment of 2 million USD for the seed round

In 2022, APLUS will use investment capital to focus on developing technology platforms to optimize the resident experience as well as the apartment operating system (PMS) to help investors manage and grow revenue. rent. At the same time, APLUS will expand its network through franchising...

Press conference to announce APLUS investment cooperation.

On January 19, real estate technology platform Proptech APLUS announced a successful fundraising with the amount of USD 2 million, led by Asia Business Builders investment fund (ABBPE FundCo) for the first round of seed. (seed-round, 1st tranche).

Various other investment funds including Ventek, Crossfund, Sketchnote Partners, Ikarus Ventures and several angel investors participated in this round.

Pioneering with the first Plus-Living model in Southeast Asia, Mr. Bui Quang Minh, CEO and Founder of APLUS shared: “The Proptech APLUS real estate technology platform is the application of technology to build solutions of scale and housing breakthrough, bringing community value to young residents at a reasonable cost. APLUS creates quality standard living space with outstanding advantages.”

APLUS serviced apartments will be suitable for all tenants with the cost only from 4,000,000 VND/studio/month (equivalent to 2,000,000 VND/person/month). With this price, tenants are guaranteed a comfortable living space, clean hygiene and optimal furniture and facilities. Besides, in order to retain long-term tenants, the professional management team at APLUS apartments is ready to support residents 24/7 with arising problems. APLUS wishes to improve the spiritual life of tenants in each living space, and at the same time, facilitate landlords to manage their apartments easily.

Mr. Bui Quang Minh - Founder & CEO of APLUS.

In 2022, APLUS will use investment capital to focus on developing technology platforms to optimize the resident experience as well as the apartment operating system (PMS) to help investors manage and grow revenue. rent. At the same time, APLUS will expand its network through franchising.

For tenants: tenants can quickly search and book a viewing appointment on the APLUS platform, perform streamlined rental procedures by E-KYC, and pay rent. In addition, customers can also update periodic activities and connect with the resident community, enjoy regularly updated offers.

For homeowners: APLUS provides a free refurbishing and renovation solution, an apartment management platform (PMS) that will help homeowners easily monitor the process and quality of operation, manage customer records. and control revenue and expenditure based on real-time reports, etc.

APLUS Hoang Cau, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

It can be said that one of the solid launchpads for the success of the APLUS platform must include the experience in operating and raising capital of the Beta Cinemas cinema chain with 14 cinemas and nearly 60 screens nationwide. In 2020, Mr. Bui Quang Minh and his team successfully raised USD 8 million from Daiwa PI Partners fund with a business valuation of VND 1000 billion, after 2 previous rounds of funding from Blue HK and Vietnam Investments Group.

Not stopping there, Mr. Bui Quang Minh - also the composer and performer of the song "Viet Nam !" - continue to ignite new, more ambitious goals that will have a broader impact on society. It is also with the love for that country that APLUS is the practical work that he wants to create for young Vietnamese people.

It is known that the APLUS serviced apartment chain model for students and new graduates has been in the plan for a long time, when he was exposed to the still struggling lives of young people.

Young people in the 22-32 age group can only spend 2-3 million for accommodation, and must accept the quality of living space to save for the future. The founder of APLUS has shared many stories about the difficulties of young people renting rooms, poor quality hostels, not only in terms of facilities but also about the lack of services, with unnecessary expenses or even having to move out for unexpected reasons, but had to resent the loss.

Minh believes that these young people are the future of the country, they need to be taken care of more by society, so that they can have a clean and civilized place to live, both literally and figuratively. Only then will they have the self-respect to create the future.

Since then, through many times of research and survey, the APLUS model was born, marking the transformation of Beta Group into the real estate field. Mr. Minh also shared in the press conference about a dream of bringing this humane technology product to other countries in the region and the world, so that the pride of Vietnam is truly affirmed. 
Recently, real estate technology platform Proptech APLUS has successfully raised 2 million USD, led by Asia Business Builder investment fund (round 1). 
Alphanam Group and Beta Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to mark the cooperation relationship between the two parties in the field of serviced apartments in Vietnam.

The serviced apartment rental market has begun to be active again, but the investment trend has changed, emphasizing sustainable values, focusing on long-term profit potential.

A.Plus Home is the first PlusLiving model in Southeast Asia, providing breakthrough housing solutions along with community values for young residents. With a reasonable price, A.Plus Home offers a quality living space with many outstanding advantages.

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