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The attraction of the serviced apartment model APLUS


The serviced apartment rental market has begun to be active again, but the investment trend has changed, emphasizing sustainable values, focusing on long-term profit potential.

APLUS . serviced apartment franchise model

According to Mr. Bui Quang Minh, General Director of Beta Group, parent company of APLUS, the company that develops the optimal serviced apartment franchise model APLUS with the desire to provide a breakthrough solution for the rental business model. in providing sustainable and stable profitable solutions, enhancing competitiveness as well as optimal operating processes.

APLUS's partners are investors, homeowners who own real estate such as houses, serviced apartments... with 10 rooms or more in large urban areas. Currently, APLUS is implementing two franchise models: APLUS Home & APLUS Choice.

With a commitment to sustainable cooperation, the partner will receive the initial investment to refurbish and renovate according to APLUS brand standards and many privileges such as: use of the APLUS brand, commitment to revenue (depending on the APLUS brand name). cooperation model), providing effective operational solutions, assisting in recruiting, training management teams, optimizing management processes, and marketing and sales strategies tailored to each location. business to ensure the highest occupancy rate. At the same time, APLUS always supports partners to solve problems arising during operation.

Standardization of serviced apartments

“With a sustainable business orientation, as well as sharing difficulties with the tenant community, APLUS wishes to promote long-term cooperation with investors according to the apartment franchise business model to reduce costs. investment of both sides, thereby bringing standard quality, comfortable serviced apartments at competitive prices", APLUS representative shared.

APLUS serviced apartments will be suitable for all tenants with the cost only from 4,000,000 VND/studio/month (equivalent to 2,000,000 VND/person/month). With this price, the tenants are guaranteed a clean, comfortable living space, personal kits, wifi, parking space, and equipment such as air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, induction cookers...

Besides, in order to retain long-term tenants, the professional management team at APLUS apartments is ready to support residents 24/7 with arising problems, creating a civilized living environment, always listening to opinions. residents' contributions, ensuring resident satisfaction throughout the lease term helps maintain stability, and ensures operational and efficient governance even as scale is scaled up.

Focus on technology platform and customer experience

APLUS said that it is actively launching a smart application exclusively for partners and tenants to provide a diverse service package with many outstanding features.

Accordingly, tenants will easily rent an apartment through 04 operations: Register/login - search for an apartment - choose a suitable apartment - complete the rental procedure by e-KYC on the APLUS platform.

Besides, during the rental process, customers will be able to use free utilities on APLUS such as online learning, weekend workshops, online shopping with special offers for residents. .

For investors, APLUS will transfer the tenant information management platform and real-time business tracking system to save time, facilitate and quickly take care of residents throughout the process. operating process.

With this potential business model, APLUS expects to achieve the set goals of sustainable and long-term profits with its partners. 

Develop and increase nationwide coverage

The unpredictable situation of Covid-19 along with unusual fluctuations from the outside is a test of APLUS's ability to withstand and rise up. As of December, APLUS has had more than 4 completed projects and 10 projects to be available in 2022. 

With the desire that everyone can experience quality cinema, Beta Cinemas was born in several provinces, cities, and large urban suburbs, opening a new era for the cinema franchise.
A.Plus Home is a self-contained apartment for 2 people, the rental package includes all costs of electricity, water, Wi-Fi, housekeeping, laundry, parking...

In 2022, APLUS will use investment capital to focus on developing technology platforms to optimize the resident experience as well as the apartment operating system (PMS) to help investors manage and grow revenue. rent. At the same time, APLUS will expand its network through franchising...

01/27/2022 - Real estate technology platform Proptech APLUS is a technology application to build large-scale and breakthrough housing solutions, bringing community value to young residents.

On January 19, 2022, real estate technology platform Proptech APLUS has just announced a successful fundraising with the amount of 2 million USD, led by Asia Business Builder investment fund for the first seed round.

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