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Proptech APLUS: Mid-range apartment solution - Launching platform for young Vietnamese

01/27/2022 - Real estate technology platform Proptech APLUS is a technology application to build large-scale and breakthrough housing solutions, bringing community value to young residents.

The young generation has always been a force that receives a lot of special attention from society. This is the generation that is exposed to many sources of knowledge early on and can quickly access new technologies.

Young people are expected by society to make great strides in the future. However, despite many expectations and pressures from society, this generation has not been given enough conditions by society to exploit and devote to their full potential.

In Vietnam, young people in the 22-32 age group can only spend 2-3 million for accommodation and they have to accept the trade-off of the quality of living space to save for the future.

With such expenditure, young Vietnamese face many difficulties when renting a room. Usually, they can only stay in poor quality hostels, lacking not only facilities but also many essential services, security and autonomy.

Understanding those difficulties, Mr. Bui Quang Minh, CEO and Founder of Beta Group, cherished and launched the proptech platform APLUS to apply technology to build standard living spaces for young people.

Mr. Minh shared: "Proptech APLUS real estate technology platform is a technology application to build a large-scale and breakthrough housing solution, bringing community value to young residents at a reasonable cost. APLUS creates quality standard living space with outstanding advantages".

APLUS was established with the desire to enhance the spiritual life of tenants in each living space. APLUS serviced apartments will be suitable for all young tenants with the cost from only 4,000,000 VND/studio/month (equivalent to 2,000,000 VND/person/month). With this price, tenants are guaranteed a comfortable living space, clean hygiene and optimal furniture and utilities.

With the successful experience of raising capital for the Beta Cinemas cinema chain in the past, Mr. Minh once again successfully called for an investment capital of up to USD 2,000,000 on January 19, 2022 for the Proptech APLUS project to building standard housing solutions for young people.

Mr. Minh wishes to be able to bring the project to the world and reach young people from everywhere. Together with Beta Cinema and Crimson Business Institute, Proptech APLUS is expected to develop to compete with the world and affirm the pride of a Vietnamese brand.

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With the desire that everyone can experience quality cinema, Beta Cinemas was born in several provinces, cities, and large urban suburbs, opening a new era for the cinema franchise.
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In 2022, APLUS will use investment capital to focus on developing technology platforms to optimize the resident experience as well as the apartment operating system (PMS) to help investors manage and grow revenue. rent. At the same time, APLUS will expand its network through franchising...

On January 19, 2022, real estate technology platform Proptech APLUS has just announced a successful fundraising with the amount of 2 million USD, led by Asia Business Builder investment fund for the first seed round.

Real estate technology platform Proptech Aplus received an investment of 2 million USD in the first round of seed funding, January 19.

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