APLUS solutions to the housing market
APLUS provides a high quality housing solution at a reasonable price and ensures a comfortable living space, clean hygiene, and optimal furniture and utilities. Besides, APLUS offers several housing business models which generate sustainable revenue. Currently, APLUS is providing 3 models, including APLUS Home, APLUS Choice and APLUS Lite. For each model, APLUS will develop different benefits to suit partners' diverse needs.

Create a standard living space for young generation
APLUS offers young people affordable and fully self-contained apartments with furniture and essential services to ensure the most private and comfortable living space. Besides, APLUS also focuses on developing common room and enable residents to make friends and develop soft skills. In addition, APLUS provide a professional management team willing to support residents 24/7 to ensure the best experience at APLUS.
APLUS business models
Currently, APLUS is providing 3 housing business models including APLUS Home, APLUS Choice and APLUS Lite. These models were developed to help homeowners solve the legacy problems of the traditional residential business model, boost room sales, and maintain occupancy rates at above 80%. By standardizing services and optimizing sales & marketing activities, APLUS enables homeowners to develop sustainable businesses with stable revenue.

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